Welding and Gluing Automation

  • Fully automated Catalytic Converter TIG Welding Machine depicted above
  • Lewis Australia develops, designs, manufactures and supplies turnkey welding and gluing/gasketing systems
  • From Spot welding to MIG/TIG and RTV gluing and gasketing Lewis Australia has a solution
  • A suite of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic stations are available to meet specific customer requirements
Built for:

Sub-frame Welding Facility

The Rear Sub-frame Welding Facility uses seven  robotic cells to assemble the Holden VE Rear Cross Member.  Eight operators load components and unload the  completed assemblies in a 72 second cycle.

Form In Place Gasket

The portable Form In Place Gasket Cell is used as a backup in the event of a break down of a fixed cell.  It can recognise and accept either of the two different components and apply a  consistent bead of sealant to the correct gasket  surface.  Easily forklifted to the appropriate section of the engine assembly line and plugged into power and air, it is then ready for operation.

Rotary Table Welding Cell

The Rotary Table Welding Cell increased  production rate of an automotive sub-frame member, simply by remounting existing weld  fixtures into a standard rotary table. The  loading operator is protected from the welding  robot by a light guard, the table wall and the  table sides, which have been removed for clarity.

Robotic Glue Gun Cell

The Robotic Glue Gun Cell receives a  component from a manually loaded station, moves the component through a preprogrammed path underneath a glue gun and presses it onto its mating component.  Similar facilities can be designed to apply paint instead of glue or be equipped with multiple grippers to handle a variety of components.

Multi Spotwelding Gun Fixture

The Multiple Spotwelding Gun Fixture contains a total of eight spotwelding guns, some on indexing mounts.  This fixture completes 12 spotwelds on a dash panel assembly.

Fuel Tank Spin Weld Cell

The Fuel Tank Robotic Spin Weld Cell cuts and  welds plastic automotive fuel tanks. It includes  a cutting LASER and spin welding head  manipulated by a robot

Engine Compartment Assembly Facility

The high performance Engine Compartment  Assembly Facility employs four robots fitted with Obara spotwelding guns to assemble engine compartments.  The facility was developed in conjunction with Ford Motor Company engineers.