Complete Automation Services

Lewis Australia provides you with engineering services from design, manufacturing to commissioning tailored to your needs.

Feasibility Studies

Our Complete Engineering Service is structured into stages to meet the individual needs of our clients. The initial stage of a feasibility study usually takes less than four (4) weeks.  At the end of this, a client receives alternative paths to achieve an objective and likely costs versus benefits.  When an alternative is selected for implementation this study provides a sound foundation for a superior result to our client.

Engineering Design

The partnership of combining our client’s process and operating expertise with the automation and engineering experience of Lewis Australia is the catalyst for innovative solutions in a multitude of production environments. Our range of services is structured to gain the maximum benefits from these synergies.  By assessing and analysing your requirements and needs, we can produce solutions that are cost-effective and provide safer working environments for workers.

Manufacturing and Commissioning

Our manufacturing facility’s primary function is to  assemble, test and prove the design intent of all Lewis equipment before delivery to the client’s site. Our Clients are encouraged to view these tryout tests and accept the system before delivery and installation of the machine at their site. This ensures our equipment is installed and commissioned in our client’s facility with minimum interruption to existing production and immediately begins contributing to their bottom line.