Sub-Frame Welding Facility

  • 72 second cycle time
  • 27 Spot , MIG & handling robots
  • 0.1mm positioning accuracy
  • Simultaneous engineering
Built for:

World Class Automation

Our facility includes 5 spot, 16 mig and 6 handling robots to weld and assemble 46 pressings with 132 welds as well as post pierced holes all within a cycle time of 72 seconds.

Performance and Reliabilty

Our facility includes rotary indexing tables with superb accuracy and servo driven trunnion fixtures to ensure the optimum angles for each and every weld laid down. All fixturing is manufactured and assembled to micron level accuracy for unparalleled repeatability. Subcomponents are sourced from the worlds best vendors delivering maximum uptime and reliability.


Our facility includes state of the art optical safety systems as well as automated safety doors to ensure operators are protected from all possible hazards.

Quality Assured

Our facility assures maximum quality with positioning accuracy to 0.1mm relusting in minimal required rework. All quality is verified via a precision co-ordinate measuring machine in the checking station. Full automation delivers repeatable consistent results each and every time.