Valve Grinding Machines

This machine grinds the scale from the seat and disk of alumina industry valves to establish a seal.

  • Automatic operation on Lunkenheimer valves
  • Proven performance in 1/10th the time of manual grinding
  • Delivers predictable, low leakage isolation
  • Fits existing valves without modifications
  • Self-contained, self-powered diesel hydraulic
  • Eliminates heavy manual efforts and sledge-hammer work
Built for:

Servo electric model

The servo electric model was developed for Alcoa type valves and delivers high torque grinding for quick isolation.  Features include automatic rotation and advancement of the disk and a highly maneuverable trolley for valve access.

    Hydraulic model

    The hydraulic model was developed for the largest Lukenheimer style valves and delivers extremely high torque grinding for quick isolation. They feature automatic rotation and a hydraulic locking clutch for advancement of the disk. The system is also mounted to a maneuverable trolley for valve access.