Tobacco Handling

Lewis Australia has built many tobacco handling systems from leaf conveyors through to box handling

  • Depicted above is a box rollover system for unloading boxed tobacco
  • Custom designed for high throughput without damaging the product
  • Innovative techniques employed in a global industry
Built for:

Bin Conveyor and Unloader

Lewis Australia built Bin Conveyor and Bin Unloading System which conveys large bins of  bulk material through several production  processes before marshalling and selectively unloading it into feeder hoppers.

Vibratory Conveyors

Lewis Australia has built several vibratory conveyors of various types for feeding tobacco leaf.  These are manufactured under licence by Lewis Australia to Wilhelm Quester GmbH design.

Chain Box Conveyor

This Chain Conveyor was built and installed for conveying cardboard boxed tobacco.