Remote Controlled Floor Washer

  • Developed for a wash down application in a hazardous environment.
  • Rubber tyres or magnetic wheels for sloping steel floors
  • Handles far greater nozzle reaction and hose drag loads than manual hosing for faster hose-down
  • Remote control for safe operation
  • Diesel or electric powered
  • Extra low clearance, narrow access and other versions available.
Built for:

Magnetic 8 Wheel Model

The eight wheel magnetic version has over 1000kg of traction on 6mm or thicker steel floors. It is able to operate on up to 25° inclined wet slippery and scalloped floors.

Customisable Designs

These machines can be tailored to suit special applications. Extra low height for under truck washing and extra narrow versions for closed vessel portal access can be supplied. Cameras, lights as well as partial to full automation are possible. Please contact us for your particular requirements.