Powertrain Manufacturing

  • Lewis Australia has developed, designed, manufactured and supplied multiple turnkey powertrain systems
  • Engines comprise many complex individual components that require accurate and reliable machining and manufacturing techniques
  • Modular and flexible machines enable multiple model variants to be processed on the same assembly line
  • A suite of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic stations are available to meet specific customer requirements
Built for:

Brake Drilling/Boring

The Boring and Drilling
Machine is a special
purpose double ended
machine for the boring,
drilling and spot facing of
automobile brakes

Cylinder Head Drilling/Tapping

Multiple spindle drilling and tapping heads, slideway units and pallet type part holding fixture which form part of a complete
transfer line for machining aluminium cylinder heads.

Cylinder Head Milling

Tooling and fixturing designed and manufactured by Lewis Australia and installed on a dual head horizontal milling machine to perform boring and facing operations on V6 engine cast aluminium cylinder heads.

Induction Press

The Hydraulic Press incorporates induction heating to facilitate assembly of the ring gear onto an engine flywheel.

Engine Numbering

The Engine Numbering Machine identifies three different types of engine blocks and sends the one identified to its own specific station for  numbering.