Lead Ingot Casting Machine

The world benchmark for lead ingot casting machines for more than 25 years

  • Automatic ingot pouring and drossing
  • Consistent size, low dross ingots
  • Automatic stack weighing, label printing and application
  • Remote production data reporting and recording
  • Smooth running casting conveyor with controlled solidification
  • Cavity and crack free ingots
  • Superior quality ingot top surface
  • Stack settling press and floating strapping head
  • Uniform precise stack shape and high visual appeal
  • Improved operator health and safety
Built for:

Automated Pouring/Skimming

Consistently high ingot quality is achieved through automatic pouring control and robotic dross skimming.  This provides the basis for tight regular stacks with minimum weight variation.

Labour cost is reduced, Occupation Health and Safety is improved and a dross free ingot surface is maintained.

Stack Build/Press

The stacks are built automatically by progressively pushing up layers of ingots from the assembly conveyor, rotating them 90º and depositing them on a pair of horizontal fixed support rails which form part of the walking beam conveyor.  This action together with the inbuilt row squaring device and 60 Tonne stack press produces tight, square stacks of high visual quality.

Strapping/Doubler Stations

Ingot stacks are tightly strapped by the automated strapping machine and proceed to the stack doubler where stacks are loaded in pairs onto a magazine conveyor for accumulation.  Stack Doubling halves fork truck movements and storage area required

Stacks for Delivery

Pressed, strapped, weighed and labelled stacks sitting on the wharf awaiting delivery.  Accurate stack weights and dross free uniform ingots together form the world’s highest quality stacks.