Ingot Stacking and Strapping

  • Automatic turnover of slabs to suit orientation in stack
  • Automatic rejection of slabs outside specification
  • Accurate robotic stack build
  • Hydraulic stack compaction
  • Four straps automatically applied
  • Output conveyor with forklift access
Built for:

Automatic Stacking of Primary Metal Ingots

This fully automatic facility in a zinc smelter produces stacks of 25kg zinc slabs at a rate of 20 tonnes per hour. A robot picks up and individually places slabs on a jig for accurate placement.


A single shuttling strapping head sequentially applies four steel straps to each stack.  Buffer capacity enables strap change over and forklift removal of stacks without interrupting upstream casting.

Output Conveyor

Completed stacks accumulate on a powered output conveyor designed for easy access by forklifts.


Under and oversized slabs are rejected before stacking, with accepted slabs accurately placed on the jig.  A 30 tonne press compacts the stack to ensure none of the slabs are loose prior to four straps securely binding the stack.  These high integrity stacks can withstand excessive rough handling without slabs becoming loose.