Haul Truck Wheel Changer

  • Removes operator from hazards
  • Automatic and in-field operation
  • Improved nut torqueing quality
  • Single operator control releases resources for other tasks
Built for:

Safer Working Environment

Operators remotely control the machine and are isolated from the hazardous areas.  Safety scanners immediately stop the system whenever the safety area is breached.  The result is a potentially hazardous task made simpler and safer.

Improve Maintenance Flow

Tyre changing can be performed by the Haul Truck Wheel Changer while maintenance on other wheels are being performed simultaneously.

Increase Truck Uptime

The Haul Truck Wheel Changer efficiently completes the wheel changing task and reduces the total maintenance time on haul trucks and increases their overall availability.

Better Quality Wheel Changes

The servo controlled nut running equipment achieves precise control of torques and even tightening of nuts around the wheel.  This leads to reduced wear and longer life of components.

Reduce Manual Handling

Tasks currently requiring manual handling during the wheel changing process are greatly reduced.  Operators are no longer required to manually handle rattle-guns and other potentially hazardous equipment.  It also helps reduce human error by eliminating manual tasks.