Casting Carousel

  • Built for an aluminium smelter the table carries up to four carbon anodes, each weighing 2.5 tonnes
  • Uses standard Lewis rotary table design accommodating up to 12 tonnes capacity
  • Servo driven anode stem carousel with workpiece positional repeatability down to 0.1mm
  • Functions supported include loading, casting, cooling and unloading
Built for:

Anode Lift/Lower Tables

The Anode Lift Table attaches spent
aluminium anodes to the rodding shop
conveyor. It is designed to accurately position
the heavy anodes for automatic attachment.
The Anode Lowering Table removes the new
anodes from the conveyor.

Anode Handling System

The Anode Handling System is a facility for transferring aluminium smelter anodes, each weighing over 2 tonnes, between fork trucks and an overhead power and free conveyor system.