Automotive Body Framing

  • Lewis Australia has developed, designed, manufactured and supplied multiple body framing systems
  • Car bodies comprise many complex individual components that require accurate and reliable assembly equipment
  • Modular flexible assembly products enable multiple model variants to be processed on the same assembly line
  • A suite of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic stations are available to meet specific customer requirements
Built for:

Engine Box Assembly

The high performance Engine Compartment Assembly Facility employs four robots fitted with Obara spotwelding guns to assemble engine compartments.  The facility was developed in conjunction with Ford Motor Company engineers.

Body Framing Line

The Body Framing Line depicted here is a three stage automotive body assembly and transfer line. This line manufactures the Holden utility.

Robotic Cells

Uses industrial robots to maximise flexibility and precision whilst maintaining short cycle times.  They can be stand alone or an integral part of a complete assembly facility.  Operators are removed from potentially hazardous environments and consistently high quality products are produced.

Rear Floor Framing

The Rear Floor Framing Fixture,
designed and manufactured by
Lewis Australia for an Asian Motor
Vehicle Assembler, is shown being
demonstrated to the customer’s
representative at our plant prior to